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About Us

About Company

We specialize in Fertilizers, Agrochemicals and all agro products like seeds and grains.

We are a Nigerian Company which specializes in all agro products like grains and seeds specialzing in soya beans,Maize, Millet, sesame Seeds etc and Fertilizer having secured good networks for buyers as well as a dependable and direct relationship with Fertilizer and Agrochemicals Companies in Europe and Asia Particularly France.

We have a competitive edge not only on the basis of our understanding of the Nigerian market from our modest years of experience, we also pride ourselves in our efficiency as well as our effectiveness in meeting our customers at a point of interest which poised at increasing their lots.

We hereby introduce our Company to you as a Company of choice with proven experience in trading within the African (but particularly) the Nigerian market.

In the liquid detergent sector, we are capable of supplying container loads (depending on the quantity required) of all kinds, like hand wash dish detergents including room fresheners of high quality.

Why Choose Us?

Secured direct agency rights for fertilizer imports and export

Having secured direct agency rights for fertilizer imports and export, we can supply through our principal partners in Europe N.P.K and Urea Brands of Fertilizers, and Agro chemical products from Asian Manufacturers.
Below lies the feature of Urea we can supply:

  • Nitrogen Content 46% Minimum
  • Moisture 0.5% Maximum by method of drying
  • Biuret 1% Maximum
  • Free Flowing 100% anti-caking treated
  • Granulation 1mm to 4mm not less than 90%
  • Colour pure white prilled
  • Melting point 132C



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